How Do You Know If You Are Allergic to Pet Dander? When a furry animal comes near, do you begin to experience symptoms like coughing, red, watery eyes, skin rashes and/or sneezing? Then, you might be allergic to pet dander. Because an allergy to pet dander occurs due to the mix of the animal’s skin and saliva, your allergy symptoms to pet dander can still arise even when you are around a shaven dog or hairless cat.

Ways to Treat a Pet Dander Allergy

  • Avoid being near animals.
  • Try nasal sprays to prevent reactions.
  • Use a daily antihistamine.
  • Try allergy shots if recommended by a doctor.

What Are the Symptoms of a Latex Allergy?

We rarely hear about this allergy, but it’s fairly common. Around 6% of Americans have a latex allergy, adding up to around 19 million people. Latex can be found just about anywhere, especially when you are in any type of medical office or facility. Signs of a latex allergy include itching, hives, stuffy nose, wheezing and/or difficulty breathing. If you have a latex allergy, make sure to alert the medical team when scheduling an appointment.

Ways to Prevent Latex Allergy

  • Avoid direct contact with latex gloves and other latex-containing products.
  • Eliminate touching, using or being near latex-containing products.
  • Try to avoid being near areas where latex is likely to be inhaled.
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