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Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic on Chapman Highway

Paving the way straight through the heart of downtown Knoxville, Chapman Highway has been carrying visitors and locals alike through the city for nearly 100 years. Located on the southern stretch of Chapman Highway just outside of downtown Knoxville, AFC Urgent Care is committed to offering quality, fast and affordable care for the Knoxville area. Whether you’re visiting the city or call Knoxville home, the last thing you want to disrupt your day is a sudden illness or unexpected injury. At AFC Urgent Care, our medical providers are ready to meet your healthcare needs with professional care and short wait times.

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While in the Knoxville area, there are so many great outdoor activities and entertainment options to take advantage of. In downtown Knoxville, enjoy a show at the historic Tennessee Theater, make a day of visiting Zoo Knoxville, or soak up some scientific history at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture. For a fun night out in the city, choose from tons of restaurant options for great food and drinks. At AFC Urgent Care, we are committed to offering the best care to keep the Knoxville area safe and healthy. Should you find yourself in need of care, our team of highly skilled medical providers are able to treat common illnesses such as sore throat, common cold or dehydration. Additionally, our clinic is equipped to treat more serious injuries such as a broken bone, with digital Xray’s available on site. Open 7 days a week, our clinic is ready to help you get the relief you need when you need it, with no appointments necessary.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast seeking some time in nature, there is plenty of outdoor fun to enjoy in the Knoxville area. Take a visit to Ijams Nature Center for great opportunities to bike, climb, kayak, or just enjoy a walk. For the more adventurous, try activities like ziplining, ax throwing, or stand up paddleboarding all available within the city. While spending time outdoors, illnesses such as allergic reactions, sprains, sun burn, heat exhaustion or bug bites can happen before we know it. If you plan to enjoy time in nature, it is important to take preventative action by applying sunscreen regularly, drinking plenty of fluids, and being aware of any allergies you may have. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of common illnesses that can occur while having fun outdoors, it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and minimize their negative impact on the body.

Our urgent care can get you back to enjoying the Knoxville area!

With so many fun things to enjoy in the Knoxville area, it’s easy to understand why so many come to visit or have made the area their home. Whether you plan to jump into the outdoor fun of the area or enjoy the attractions of the city, AFC Urgent Care is here for you when you need relief while away from home, or your regular provider isn’t available. With most visits lasting under an hour, our clinic is equipped to treat most issues you would typically seek an ER for, and without the long lines to wait in. At AFC Urgent Care, we work hard to offer you quality and affordable care with short wait times, so you can get back to enjoying all the Knoxville area has to offer as soon as possible.

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