Living a long and healthy life is a goal for so many of us, and we all work hard every day to take care of ourselves through our diet and exercise routine as well as maintaining meaningful social relationships. However, aging is inevitable and certain risks increase as we get older.

Falling at home is a risk that certainly affects the older population more significantly, and the older you become, the greater the risk of suffering a more serious injury as a result of falling.

Our AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway team explains more about the impact of falling at home and some steps to reduce your risk, so read on to learn more.

What Injuries Are Common From Falling?

There are many different ways you could fall in your home. Sometimes a simple bruise or a scrape is all you walk away with, but other times, the injury could be more severe. If you aren’t able to catch yourself or you land funny, sprains, strains and even broken bones are common.

It is also always a possibility that you fall and hit your head. Head injuries can be severe and even deadly, especially if you live alone and don’t have the ability to call for help right away. Oftentimes with severe falls it can be hard or even impossible to get up off the ground on your own.

Ways to Support Balance

  • Practice regular exercise with strength training.
  • Go on a daily walk.
  • Wear reliable and sturdy shoes.
  • Take time to stretch in the morning.

What Can I Do at My House to Avoid Falls?

One of the most common reasons that people trip at home is clutter or an unorganized house. Tripping over shoes, books, boxes or other unexpected items can be really dangerous. Keep a tidy house, and put things away when you are done using them. You should also make sure your yard is kept tidy as well. Roll up hoses when you are finished with them and keep lawn equipment tucked away when not in use.

You should also try to keep your space as bright as possible! Turn your porch lights on before you leave in the evening, turn lights on before entering any room and keep a table lamp near your bed so you can light your way for those midnight bathroom runs or snacks.

Additional Tips to Prevent Falls

  • Use handrails when walking down steps.
  • Install non-slip treads for your bathroom tub or shower.
  • Invest in a raised toilet seat or grab bars.
  • Move slowly and always be aware of your surroundings.

If a fall has left you injured, we are here for you. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway.