Regular exercise is a necessary part of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is especially important if you suffer from asthma. Although it may seem counterintuitive, consistent exercise can help you better manage your asthma symptoms.

Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, supports proper lung function and allows your body to function at its best! If you have asthma, our team at AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway can help you find a great balance between your diagnosis and your love of exercise.

Why Is Exercise So Important When You Have Asthma?

If you have asthma, you know that attacks can happen when your airway comes inflamed and swollen, so the best way to support your airway is to condition it! Regular exercise can help increase your endurance, strengthen your muscles and increase your lung capacity.

All of these benefits work together to help keep your asthma under control. If you want to start slow with some lower-intensity activities, try those listed below.

Asthma-Friendly Options:

  • Golf
  • Baseball/softball
  • Biking
  • Swimming (the moist air helps your lungs)

Do I Need to Avoid Certain Activities If I Have Asthma?

If you have had your asthma diagnosis for a while and it is well-managed and understood, there is no reason why you can’t participate in what you want! However, endurance sports and any cold weather activities should be respected. You should provide yourself with adequate rest time and be aware of the temperature before heading outside. The cold, thin air can be hard on your lungs.

You can be in control of your asthma! By incorporating some extra planning and the willingness to be flexible, you can participate in whatever sports or activities bring you joy.

Tips for Managing Asthma

  • Carry a scarf to breathe through when it gets chilly outside.
  • Know your limits and rest when needed.
  • Warm up thoroughly and cool down every time.
  • Maintain a current inhaler prescription.

Your asthma shouldn’t define you! If you have questions about your diagnosis, come see us AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway.