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With walk-in clinic convenience, our South Knoxville Urgent Care location on Chapman Highway uses the latest in digital x-ray technology.  We have an x-ray technician on-staff at all times.  AFC Urgent Care provides treatment to patients six months and up.

What conditions are diagnosed at AFC Urgent Care using an x-ray?

X-ray technology is a valuable tool in diagnosing a wide array of medical conditions. Commonly diagnosed conditions using x-rays include the following:

– Bone fractures
– Skull examinations
– Pelvis and hip evaluations
– Abdominal assessments
– Detection of kidney stones
– Examination of upper extremities
– Analysis of lower extremities
– Rotator cuff inspection
– Humerus imaging
– Osteoarthritis detection
– Chest and lung assessments
– Identification of pleural effusion (fluid in the lungs)
– Pleural cavity evaluation

    What are x-rays?

    X-rays are a common medical imaging test, involving a non-invasive procedure that captures images of your body’s internal structures. Similar to radio waves, cell phone signals, and visible light, x-rays utilize a form of radiation. The x-ray machine is directed towards the area of interest in the body, emitting a small dose of radiation that passes through the body, with the resulting image being captured on film or a specialized sensor. Dating back to the early 20th century, x-rays are instrumental in diagnosing various health issues. Over time, significant advancements have been made in x-ray technology. Nowadays, digital radiography or “digital x-rays” combine with computer technology to provide more cost-effective, efficient, faster, and safer x-ray imaging compared to traditional x-ray machines.

    Traditional x-rays

    As mentioned earlier, x-rays have been around since the early 1900s.  Prior to digital x-rays, the traditional x-ray machine used film to capture images of the body’s internal structures and foreign objects.  You can easily make the comparison of the traditional or standard x-ray as the old cameras that used film to capture pictures.

    What are Digital x-rays?

    Digital x-rays, similar to your smartphone’s digital camera, have eliminated the need for buying and developing film. Instead of film, a sensor linked to a computer captures the image in digital x-ray machines. Numerous advantages arise when comparing digital x-rays with standard or traditional x-rays that are further explained below.

    Is there a difference between Digital Radiography and Digital x-rays?

    These slightly different terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

    Xray services at our walk in clinicWhat are the benefits of Digital vs. Traditional x-rays?

    Lower Radiation Levels

    One of the most common concerns about x-rays is exposure to radiation.  When you get a digital x-ray in our urgent care walk-in clinic, you may be asked to wear a lead apron.  However, a digital x-ray machine produces 80% less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine which results in significantly reduced radiation exposure to the patient.

    Better images

    The purpose of using x-rays is to look into the body and diagnose health issues that otherwise could not be viewed with the naked eye. For proper diagnosis, having a clear image is critical. Digital x-rays produce far sharper images because digital sensors assist in creating higher resolution pictures. Since these images are high resolution and stored on a computer, they can be easily magnified without distorting or degrading the quality of the image.

    Quicker Turnaround

    Digital x-rays are ready instantly and there is no need to process them unlike standard film-based x-rays.

    Portability and Record Keeping

    Similar to a picture taken on your digital camera or smartphone, digital x-rays are more quickly and easily shared with different doctors for evaluation (if necessary) after your visit.  Being able to easily store, share, and retrieve digital images quickly is a huge plus over film-based x-rays.

    Environmental Impact

    In order to produce an image using a traditional x-ray machine, film has to be used. Many chemicals are used to develop the images from x-ray film. Several of the chemicals used are toxic, such as lead.  If the waste and chemicals used in developing film are not correctly disposed they will find their way into the environment.  A huge benefit of using digital x-rays is not having to use film and completely eliminates the need for those chemicals, which is safer for you and the environment.

    Where can I get an x-ray in Knoxville, TN?

    If you need x-rays, our skilled medical staff can give you quick, efficient, affordable care, 7 days a week. No appointments are necessary!